Without qualified referees, the games cannot go on. AYSO requires a qualified Referee to be assigned to a game at least 24 hours before start time or the game can be cancelled by the Area.


Referee Points


As a result, Region 87 has established a point policy to encourage each team to provide the required referees for each game so that the kids can play each weekend and the region can function properly.

For our 9U and Up Program:


Simply, all 9U and above teams earn points for End of Season play by providing referee volunteers throughout the Fall Soccer Season. Teams that will be impacted by points are those that play in the Regional and Area Tournaments at the end of the season. (***Each year there are always at least one or two teams that don’t qualify and it is always a great disappointment to the kids)


Each team is obligated to earn a total of 14 points throughout the season. These points are earned by having certified referee volunteers signed up (and officiate) games using our Matchtrack scheduling system.


Referees (the center) earns 2 points per game played for 9U and up games played in our region and the Assistant Referee (the line referee) will earn 1 point per game (anyone doing a 14U and up game as an AR earns 2 points per game officiated) per game played for 9U and up games played in our region.

LAST YEAR WE INTRODUCED POINTS FOR OUR 7U/8U DIVISION - THIS YEAR THE POLICY REMAINS THE SAME.  Each team is required to provie a referee on at least 4 games this season.  The boys and girls team with the most points will get a Pizza party that night at the event.  (for the 7U/8U division: 1 referee slot filled = 1 point)

Each team is encouraged to have three referees and there are far more games that need coverage than the point minimum would achieve.


As our season progresses, the Referee Staff will be informing each team’s coaching staff where they are at as far as points earned. For the full points policy and rules, please see the following link: 


Referee Points in Detail - (Fall 2018 Program) no changes except 8U now becomes 7U/8U


If you have any questions regarding points please contact the Regional Referee Administrator at ref@ayso87.org and we will provide you any guidance you may need.


Thank you for all you do and please go take a game or three….