Registration FAQ

Who is eligible to play?

We have age specific teams for players up to age 18 and as young as 4. The chart below details which age division your child will play.


AYSO is an open registration program. All children are welcome regardless of skill level, experience or city of residence.


What Division will your player be playing in?

Registration is based upon BIRTH year.  This may split up some players but it will be a single year of adjustment and then all will be consistent.

When does the season begin and end?

Games begin on September 7th 2019. 


Practice will begin two weeks prior to the fist games (which this year is August 26th).  The regular season typically ends before Thanksgiving with playoff competition continuing through early December. Rain or other unforeseen field closures may result in changes to our schedule.

How and when are teams selected?

A core philosophy of AYSO is balanced teams. We strive to balance our teams to the best of our ability. All returning players are ranked by the previous year’s coach, and for the 10U-14U divisions, teams are selected by distributing the various levels of skill among all teams. New players are randomly assigned to complete team rosters. We hope to have team rosters completed by mid August.


I want my player to play up (or down) - how do I go about requesting this change?

Region 87 has a very specific Play Up policy:  Playing up is not encouraged and is only approved in limited and extraordinary circumstances. The program is designed to work with all players playing in their appropriate age divisions with the coaches trained specifically to meet the player's psycholigical and physical needs for their agre grouping.  Play up requests are limited to situations where the development of the player is served by playing up and there is no other available option (such as the Extra Program) for the player.


Play up requests will not be granted to accommodate “play with friend” or “play with coach” requests. Interested parents should first communicate with the Division Coordinator for the division their player is assigned for support in considering their request (or the Regional Coach Administrator if there is no Division Coordinator for their player's division). Final approval must be made by Regional Commissioner in writing.


Minimum Requirement:

  1. Is the justification for the play up request to aid in “Player Development” 

  2. Does the player “demonstrate” the ability to play effectively at the higher level without endangering him/herself or others - or expose themselves to physical risk due to player size differences.

  3. Is a parent of the player going to be a coach/assistant coach for the team? The parent must agree to be fully certified PRIOR to start of season and attend EVERY practice, scrimmage, and game.

If the answer to all 3 of these questions is yes, than a “play up” request may be submitted for consideration and approval


Play Up requests will not be granted for 5U or 6U players. (e.g. play up to 6U or 8U) and for any 'first year' players.


8U-14U Play Up Requests must meet the following criteria:

  1. Player’s parent MUST Coach the team. (Parent must complete the necessary coaching requirements prior to July 31st. – e.g. Volunteer Application Form, Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness training and age appropriate AYSO Coach Certification/Training), AND...

  2. Player misses the cutoff date for the next age division by no more than 3 months.

16U-19U Play Up Requests must meet the following criteria:

  1. Player’s parent must Coach the team or the player’s Upper Division Coach must approve Play Up request. (Parent and Coach must sign request form), AND...

  2. Player misses the cutoff date for the next age division by no more than 3 months or 14U player will be enrolled in High School during the Fall Season.


Play Down Policy:

Play Down requests will NOT be considered at any age level unless there is a clear physical demonstrative reason why it would be unsafe for the player to play within their own age division.  (these are very rare and require observation and sign off by the Regional Commissioner, the Extra Director, and the Regional Coach Administrator)  *this is consistent with AYSO National Guidelines.

We apologize but our Region does not honor the following reasons for playing up  or down:

  1. Player wants to play with friends in his/her class or grade level.

  2. Player wants to play with players in his/her neighborhood.

  3. Player is too big or too tall to play at his/her current level (Please see above for exceptions)

What can I do to help deliver soccer here in Region 87?

AYSO is an all volunteer organization. We rely on parent volunteers for coaching, refereeing and administrative functions. Our games rely on quality people such as you to step up and take an active role. Our coaches, referees and board members are a mix of parents, single parents, youth coaches and youth referees and even adults without kids in the program. We need your skills because each and every parent in the program directly influences the season’s success and the kid’s soccer experience. Please consider taking the initiative to sign up and coach or referee this season!

If coaching or refereeing does not work with your schedule, administrative help is also greatly appreciated.

We will be talking with each parent at registration about roles you can play to make your child’s soccer season a great experience.

Refund Policy

Players withdrawing prior to 'Team Formation' qualify for a full refund of all Regional Fees.  (National Fees are non-refundable due to the new system and how the fees are charged)   There will be no refunds for players withdrawing after Team Formation Date  - as rosters will be submitted and uniforms will have been ordered for your player. (Team Formation Date Estimated to be by August 4th, 2019).  All refund requests must be submitted through a Refund Request that is provide to the Regional Commissioner via email at  (Refunds will be issued in the same manner as the original payment was made or by check, and will be issued by 9/30/19 for Fall Play or 60 days after the start of any secondary season play)