AYSO Region 87 Registration

AYSO Region 87


We have moved to a new National Registration System called 'Blue Sombrero'. This system is completely cloud based and is intended to carry AYSO for the next 10 years and provide a better long term experience for all.

The challenge? 

There were many challenges last year with the new system.  Many of the issues have been resolved and we will be able to transfer info within a member's profile for volunteering and transfer kiddos from one division to another.  Lots of good stuff is in there...

Registration Fees?

  • Registration Fees are now calculated differently (and automatically!). This means that National now takes their fee ON-TOP of our fees (instead of us wrapping them into our budget).  And yes... we have reduced our fees accordingly!

  • Currently, National Fees are $17.50 per player and cover all our insurances, website, databases, background checks, training services, legal, etc.... (We are expecting it to rise this Fall due to new Background Check proceedures)

  • At this point, National Fees are completely non-refundable once submitted.  (OUR Fees follow our normal Refund Policy)

Final Registration Issues:

  • When Registering...  Please be aware of the program you are signing up for. You will now see that all kids are being organized by birth year.  (You will see more on the next page on that issue too)

  • IF you are paying Cash/Check...  you will need to go ALL THE WAY THROUGH the registration process and make sure to E-Sign and then do a PRINT SCREEN... and we will have to correct this issue at the Walk-In registration.

If you have any further questions, please refer to “How to Register My Child



Finally...  please think about how you can support the program...  we always need good Coaches and Referees... and we will train you -  HERE are a list of volunteer opportunities