FALL 2016 Registration

Fall 2016 Soccer

FALL 2016 REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED FOR ALL U8/U10/U12 Divisions...  Room still available for U14


Welcome to another exciting season of soccer in San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point. 


We welcome you back if you have played with us before and are thrilled to welcome you if this will be your first time playing with us.  We truly have an outstanding program with trained coaches and referees.


We will  be registering players this year using a two step registration format.  All players will need to be pre-registered in eAYSO (and will have to pay online) and will also have to bring in the registration form (in person) to either of the physical registration events that we will be holding in April and June.  

(We are now past the walk-in registration period.  Players will be placed on teams based upon availability and we will be contacting you via email to provide directions on what we will need from you for your player - The most important thing you want to do is make sure you E-Sign and pay the fees)


Registration Dates:  (You can still register online at this time and we will contact you via email with info)


  • Saturday , April 23rd 9 AM - 1 PM at the San Juan Sports Park Community Center -  (EARLY BIRD IS CLOSED)

  • Saturday, June 4th 9 AM - 1 PM At San Juan Elementary School (REGULAR WALK-IN REGISTRATION IS CLOSED)


FOR Walk-in Registration:  You must pre-register on-line at http://www.eayso.org

Please follow the instructions, print, sign, and bring the REGISTRATION forms with you to registration.  This is where your registration will be completed (there are documents you must wet sign this year) and you will pick up your child's T-Shirt & your fabulous Region 87 Bumper Sticker for your car window...  


When you are at registration, you will be invited to volunteer to help deliver an exceptional soccer experience to over 1,000 kids each Fall.  Remember, our program is 100% volunteer run, so we need your help.

HERE are a list of volunteer opportunities


FOR LATE COMPUTER REGISTRATION ONLY:  You must register on-line at http://www.eayso.org

Please follow the instructions, E-sign, and make sure to pay.  This is where your registration will be completed .

You will pick up your child's T-Shirt & your fabulous Region 87 Bumper Sticker for your car window. at meet the coach day in August.  

If you are having difficulty printing, please make sure your pop-up blockers are disabled.


If you are having problems with eayso such as:


  • Don’t remember your login information

  • Forgot your password

  • Your child's ID number doesn't show up

  • Your volunteer information doesn't show up


For any of these type of issues you will need to email the help center at eaysosupport@ayso.org or call 800-872-2976.  They are the only ones who can resolve these types of problems.  This does take time, so plan accordingly.  This form is mandatory and will enable your child to play in the fall season. 


If you are a coach or a referee, please complete your volunteer form through eayso and bring two copies with you. 


Key Points to Registration


  • You must Pre-Register (on-line) through eayso before attending a registration event.

  • You must bring one (1) copy of each player Pre-Registration form.

  • Birth Certificates are required for all FIRST-TIME Region 87 players.

  • If you are volunteering as a coach or referee you must complete the Volunteer Registration form Online. (www.eayso.org)

  • Early Registraton fee is $115.00 per player through 4/23/16 (EARLY BIRD IS NOW CLOSED)

  • Regular Registration fee is $130.00 per player for those registering between 4/24 and 6/4

  • Late Registration fee is $160.00 and begins on 6/5 as space permits.


If you have any further questions, please refer to “How to Register My Child


Important Registration Documents

  • PLEASE make sure to bring your completed form...  

  • For new kids not previously registered in Region 87...  Please don't forget their Birth Certificates

  • PLEASE make sure to pay online...  and bring your completed forms  (Have we said it enought?)


Finally...  please think about how you can support the program...  we always need good Coaches and Referees... and we will train you -  HERE are a list of volunteer opportunities