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Update on the Journey to Fall 2016 Soccer

As we approach the FALL 2016 Soccer season there are a few bits of information that we want to share to help people understand the timing and the process for the next few weeks.

On August 17th, we will be holding the Team Selections/Draft for all players in all divisions. At that time, all players who are registered in the AYSO system will be placed on their teams.

(This process will be completed by the Coaches, the Division Coordinators and the Senior leadership team to ensure that we are working to create as fair and balanced set of teams as possible in alignment with AYSO principles)

By August 22nd, we expect that all coaches will have reached out to the players and have introduced themselves and have begun the process of developing their fall program.

On August 27th, we will be hosting a Meet the Coach day where all players will receive their uniforms, players who have not received their Region 87 Tee Shirts will have them available for them to pick up and there will be a short parent meeting for each division. (we will be posting the division schedule for Meet the Coach day by next weekend)

For our Regular Teams, practices will start after the 27th and Opening Day for the season will be on September 10th.

Hope this helps...

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