Spring Soccer

JAMBOREE PLAYS AT COOKS (Between the two large soccer fields) - Those BORN 2014 play at 10 AM and those born in 2015 play at 9 AM.

AREA 11L SPRING 2020 Soccer



AYSO Region 87 provides a Competitive Soccer Program each spring season.


This program is a select program and is intended for the players to continue their development and play time from the Fall season.


Play for Spring 2020 soccer will likely be in an Area Circuit play for 10U and up, and for 7U/8U, if the interest is there, we will set up our own circuit in region.

Jamboree will include  2015 and 2014 birth years and will be segregated by skillset and this program will run 8 weeks starting the first week of March (which is 1 week later than the rest of the program)

Spring soccer generally has more players than coaches available and since it is a 'second season' we play this under a philosophy that ties to a priority list based upon the below order of priority:

  1. Those that serve the AYSO Region 87 community first (meaning Board Members).

  2. Those that volunteer in our Region (Active referees and coaches kids: Active referees = those that have completed 5 recorded games in-uniform for the Fall 2018 season).

  3. Those players who played Fall 2018 in AYSO Region 87.

  4. Those players who played Fall 2018 Soccer in any AYSO Region.

  5. Then all other players who wish to come into the AYSO fold.

Of course, there will be time-stamped management of the list too... so those that register early will have preference over those that register later.  (PRIORITY REGISTRATION ENDS ON JANURAY 15, 2020 for all - IF you register your player in the system after that date, there is no priority beyond #1)

We will be contacting all families that are registered in Blue Sombrero first to announce that registration is open, so please ensure that your email address is correct in the system.

The 'Interest List' this year will be managed through the Blue Sombrero System using their ' TRYOUT' setting...  Each family will register their players in the system as usual and will be assigned a division (based upon birth year), and when we get the coach assignments, they player will be added to that team and then the family will be notified and the fees will become due, and once paid the player will be finalized into the roster.

Fees will remain as they have the last two seasons at $100 per player (which does not include uniforms or photos) and if you are a new registrant for MY2019, you will still have to add the National Fee of $20.00 to that number.  - If you played AYSO soccer in Fall 2019, you have already paid the national fee for the year.

Onward and Upward!